Our Ambitious Mission

The rapid deterioration of air and water quality has pushed the founders of Greenthusiast to educate the citizens of the country and warn them about possible consequences if immediate changes are not employed.

The mission of ‘Greenthusiast’ is to work in partnership with the local communities to promote, protect and improve the environmental conditions through effective intervention techniques viz. tree plantation, waste management etc. We aim to provide a sustainable, healthy and green environment to our future generations.

We aim to address issues that can be tackled at an individual level. For instance:

·        We want people to notice how our habits and lifestyles have wrecked the environment around us and how this problem will continue to exacerbate unless taken care of immediately.

·        Conservation of the existing biodiversity should be the topmost priority whilst ensuring sustainable development and reduction in pollution levels.

·        Promoting innovative ideas for agriculture and cultivation like those of organic farming, beekeeping, sericulture, etc.

·        Minimizing pollution and reducing the use of chemical toxin wastes

·        To combat the challenge of climate change

Our vision

To thrive for a healthy, clean and green environment with a balanced ecology in terms of resources and biological diversity leading to an overall improvement in quality and standard of life.

Reach out to the general masses, youth, and students and build up movements for the cause.

Our Priorities

We are focusing on these key areas in order to achieve our ambitious mission

Tackle Climate Change

Protect Land and Water

Provide Food and water sustainability

Build healthy cities