Eco-Friendly Beauty Salon

Beauty salons are known to make others look and feel beautiful. With mounting environmental concerns, it is our social responsibility to preserve the beauty of the world we inhabit. At a beauty salon, it can be done by becoming an eco-friendly salon.

Given below are some tips for going green at a beauty salon-

  1. Sell and use only recyclable products- 16 billion pounds of plastic leaks to ocean water yearly. Due to the increasing world population, this number will go higher and higher. Plastic in our oceans has harmful effects not only on animal life and ecosystems but it also affects our own health adversely. These materials also disrupt the reproductive systems of humans, cause congenital disabilities and lead to cancer and weight gain. In order to become an eco-friendly salon, recycling should be your top priority and you should use only glass salon products.

2. Inculcate Energy-Saving practices-

If you employ energy-saving tips, your salon can save water and electricity. Use energy-efficient lighting, and check your sinks, pipes, and faucets regularly. This helps you to save electricity and water bills. Use eco-friendly bamboo brushes and hair dryers to cut down on energy costs and thus helping you become eco-friendly. Re-using rinse is one of the most common and efficient water-saving practices employed in salons nowadays.

3. Offer products with no animal-tested or animal-derived ingredients- More than 100 million animals die per year due to animal testing and millions are caged and captured for the sole aim of animal testing. This is very cruel to animals and causes sustainability problems where animals are captured. Harming the balance of nature for animal testing is equally expensive and riskier than non-animal testing. Salon products supported by People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) should be chosen. Many brands offer cruelty-free salon products endorsed by PETA. Thus choosing cruelty-free products helps in making your salon eco-friendly.

4. Give genuine formaldehyde-free keratin treatments- Keratin treatments are controversial. Many companies which falsely claimed to be formaldehyde-free, when tested in laboratories had very high levels of formaldehyde. Hence get a sample lab test done before buying these products. Formaldehyde is a well known human carcinogen. Hence, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has rules and regulations to limit its emission from some industries and report the usage of formaldehyde in their products. Hence use products in the salon which don’t contain formaldehyde and hence limit air pollution.

5. Eco-friendly decor should be used- Your environment-friendly, greenside can be shown by the way you decorate your salon. Hence use recyclable decorations, which have been produced sustainably and did not harm animals. Use paint that is VOC-free. VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds and are thus emitted as gas into the air. They cause health threats to those who are exposed to them, such as throat irritation, breathing issues etc.

6. Offer products with a Negative Carbon footprint- Some products use sustainable technology. Such products are grown and picked with zero chemicals in farms and have recyclable packaging. They are also made with eco-certified recycled paper, wood, aluminum tubes, and amber glass that can be reused.

7. Refillable products should be used- Eco-friendly salons are recognizing the value of plastic-saving techniques by giving refillable containers for in-salon products such as back-bar shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. Many refill station programs are used for eco-friendly salon products, thus eliminating the quantity of waste dumped into the environment. The refills also cost less than buying new plastic products every other month.

8. Salon towels should be washed quite efficiently- Energy saving tips should be used when you wash salon towels. Use a washer or dryer which conserves water and electricity. Use eco-friendly, gentle, and efficient laundry detergent. Many laundry detergents use less soap and water to clean stains. Natural detergent should be used as many clients are sensitive to bleached towels. Laundry should only be done when required. This helps in saving energy, money, and water.

The above ways will definitely help a beauty salon to become green,sustainable, and eco-friendly. Greener earth is our moral responsibility as well as the duty and having an eco-friendly salon is one of the ways by which we can help the environment.

Written byUrvi Pareek


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Sakshi Kadam
19/04/2021 at 9:15 am

This is so informative 😍

16/05/2021 at 9:25 am

Thank you so much we are glad to have such visitors like you. Keep supporting and sharing.

19/04/2021 at 9:16 am

After reading this hoping for my salon experience to be more ecofriendly

16/05/2021 at 9:25 am

Thank you so much we are glad to have such visitors like you. Keep supporting and sharing.


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