Festivals are an opportunity for people to get together, celebrate life and culture with their friends and families. We dress up on these days, greet our friends and neighbours, fulfil traditions and make a truck load of memories. 

However, these activities have their own set of drawbacks. If we are not careful with our actions, we might end up hurting the planet and in turn reducing the chances to make good memories. It is the small things that go unnoticed, that affect the world we live in. The decorations we buy, the firecrackers we invest our money in, the clothes we adorn, etc. the list is endless. One does to have to turn into a complete hilly Billy in order to practice a sustainable life, it is the small changes that make a difference. The first and foremost- complete stop of lighting firecrackers. Yes, they are fun, yes, they provide us with an adrenaline rush AND YES, the sky looks pretty. But what about you? Your health? The animals around you?

In 2019, Delhi recorded pollution levels that were 40 times higher than the bar set by the World Health Organization. People scrambled to buy air-purifiers, trying to protect themselves from the deathly smog. Flights were canceled as the air quality index fell. The one’s suffering from this unhealthy and potentially life-threatening issue are not only the ones burning the crackers but also innocent bystanders who had absolutely nothing to do with it.

2020 has been the year of change. Not necessarily extremely positive but let’s not feel down because of it. With Navaratri and Diwali around the corner, let’s light up our house’s ad spirits with these fun and sustainable home decors.

We can make the decors ourselves using materials that are lying about or buy them from local artisans. This will not only light up your house but another family’s as well. After all, isn’t this what festivals are all about!

DIY eco-friendly decors:

1. Add a dash of pizzas to your walls:

Using the newspapers lying around your house and office to create this fantastic piece. An activity that is bound to bring the family together. Scrunch up or roll the newspapers (depending on the design you wish). After that, you can either use dyes or paint them with your favourite colours. You can also use beads and tiny mirrors to decorate. String them together and ta-da.

2. Refurbish your house:

Do you have sarees, bedsheets or pieces of materials that are slightly damaged and hence cannot be used? Don’t worry, you can now use them to refurbish your house without spending a lot of money. You can turn them into curtains, cushion covers, table spreads, gift covers, etc. The list is endless.

3. CD Lamps:

India’s E-waste has been increasing in an alarming rate. It is about time we try our best to reduce and recycle things we have at home. We can use old CDs and DVDs, upcycle them to create lamps and wall hangings. Pinterest offers a wide range of creative ideas.

4. Glass bottles:

Bring out those old glass bottles from your kitchen and give it a creative spin. Festivals are all about colors. Simply pick up a bottle, clean it, remove its labels and get busy. You can paint them in any design and color. These are sure to brighten your houses and give it a homely touch.

For those who would like to purchase eco-friendly items, wait no more, the list here:

  1. Seedit.india

Panchagavya Diya’ made by the local women farmers of India using the 5 elements of Cow’s Dung, Cow’s Urine, Ghee, Curd & Milk🌻
After burning the Diya, mix the remains with water and use as a natural manure for plants!🌱💚
Let us all welcome & support these womenpreneurs become a part of #atmanirbharbharat 🇮🇳

The Panchagavya Diyas are largely used for Prayers (Aartis) and Havan. Other than its religious & scientific importance they are extremely good for promoting oxygen, lightens mood & spreads positive vibes in Homes!

Source: Instagram

2. Crafty curlz

It’s never too early to prep for Diwali.. isn’t it..? 🤩🤩 These #crocheted jar tea light holders are all set to shine bright and make your Diwali special 

Source: Instagram

3. Tokar bamboo eco-art

Source : Instagram 

4. Wonky Works:

source: Instagram

4. Pure-ghee-designs

Our colourful latkans and torans add festivity and cheer to your homes in an instant. The fact that they are handmade and can be reused over and over again makes them irresistible! 

The beautiful mildly fragrant flowers of Harsingar are a harbinger of winter. Every year it is a ritual to pick the fallen flowers from the ground early morning and brew it in a cup of fragrant tea which is believed to have many medicinal properties. Harsingar also known as Parijat, Shiuli and night jasmine is a popular tree all over India, because of its medicinal properties. The inspiration behind our new collection of handmade silk flower jewellery, HARSINGAR is a capsule collection of delicate hair ornaments, neckpieces and earrings.

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5. Eco-friendly Diwali

Ready to lit, these diyas accentuate your living space and fill your hearts with strength and positivity.

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Written by:

Aishwarya Kanchan