Young trees or old trees-which is more important for slowing climate change

In 2007, Richard Branson gave a chance to win 25 million dollars to anyone who would have invented a machine that can store carbon dioxide. Andy Kerr, an environmentalist, sent him a picture of a tree. According to the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), we have only 20 years to lower down the level of global warming. Researchers are finding out ways to mitigate climate change.

For the above-mentioned reasons, one can realize the importance of forests. If a forest is a family, then the tree is a member. We thrive on oxygen by taking out carbon dioxide, and a tree grows by using this gas and storing it in leaves, branches, roots & every other part. A tree grows faster if there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Tropical rainforests are known as carbon sinks because they sequester tons of carbon dioxide helping to regulate the climate. Eventually, a tree grows old and the timber company cut it down & uses it to make paper, plywoods, so ultimately the carbon comes back to the atmosphere and new saplings are seeded and this thing will go on & on.

According to Jean Francois Basting, the leader of the International Research Team found out that by planting around trillion trees, 205 gigatons of carbon can be sucked out of the atmosphere and our ecosystem is ready for it, which would be enough for the next twenty years.

If we compare the rate of sequestering carbon, then a younger tree store is more efficient in storing carbon when compared to an older tree. It depends also on a number of facts which include more space, sunlight and an increment in the no. of species.

Eventually, a tree grows old and just like the other person in their 80s; and they become more prone to death either by natural calamities or by human activities. When it happens, then the carbon stored in that tree ultimately enters into the atmosphere again which is then taken up by the younger tree and the cycle keeps going.

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