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Greenthusiast Foundation: Career Opportunities Of Working With Environment

This year 2020 April 22nd is Earth Day and this year millions of people worldwide will take part in activities intended to promote awareness on environmental issues. But some people will stay at home and sleep and do nothing to protect our earth. Some even say that the earth will clean up on its own. But “NO” we are now seeing the consequences of climate change on our earth and we have to wake up to save our future earth from getting destroyed and we have to start from today itself only.

So, Greenthusiast Foundation promotes the value of environmental conditions through effective intervention techniques like tree plantation, waste management and protecting the health of the planet. The Foundation encourages people to plant trees, save trees, recycle waste and segregate waste. It offers ideas for interacting with people in saving and protecting our earth. And we also inspire people to think about protecting trees and earth.

We Greenthusiast Foundation are looking for Volunteers who know the value of protecting earth and there are many opportunities available to them of protecting and working with earth — as a hobby or even a career.

Greenthusiast Foundation also features an interactive tool for those interested in exploring the diverse career opportunities in the protecting the earth.

We ask the volunteers to tell people to plant & protect tress, to keep wet & dry waste in separate dustbins. So that when the person comes to collect waste he/she can come to know which waste is waste and which waste is dry.

“Greenthusiast Foundation’s premise is such that we are looking to introduces today’s youth to a lifelong passion or a fulfilling career, one thing is clear — the more you know about protecting and saving earth, the more you can make a difference in the world today”.

  If you are looking to volunteer, internship or career in environment then join Greenthusiast Foundation.

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