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Why 2020 is a disastrous year?

2020 disastrous proofs

As per sources, this year was meant to mark a significant reduction in plastic all over the world. Two years ago, the UN declared plastic pollution as a global crisis. Countries and cities introduced new bans. Activists, scientists, environmentalists worked towards new environmental changes. Even the businesses molded their corporate strategies towards production of more reliable and reusable materials rather than plastic. However, the outbreak of the coronavirus in 2020, led to an imbalance in this noble plan. 

The Pandemic has surely reduced human interference in the environment and caused an accelerated healing of nature, resources and greens all around the globe, yet we have forgotten the horrible increase of plastic waste happening.As lockdown has shifted over the past few months, we may find that our reliance on plastic has increased.


Urban Sprawl


Urban sprawl or suburban sprawl mainly define sprawl , it is the unrestricted growth in many urban areas of housing, commercial development, and roads over large expanses of land, with little concern for urban planning.In the postindustrial era, sprawl has entailed no clear-cut disadvantage, such as the loss of protection, nor resulted in a uniquely identifiable cost such as investment in new fortification, however its disadvantages and costs include increased travel time, transport costs, pollution, destruction of countryside, and so on. The term “urban sprawl” was first used in an article in The Times in 1955 as a negative comment on the state of London’s outskirts. And the term is highly politicized and almost always has negative connotations. It is criticized for causing environmental degradation, intensifying segregation, and undermining the vitality of existing urban areas.


"Care a little more, Strive for betterment
Don't make mistakes, That ruin the environment "


Green Architecture

Reduces the detrimental impacts construction projects have on humans and the environment.

Plantation Drive

Educate the society at large on the importance of environment.

Organic Farming

An agricultural system that refrains from using pesticides and fertilizers.

Sustainable and ethical Fashion

A movement aimed to promote ecological integrity in the world of clothing.

Ecofriendly Lifestyle

Practising a lifestyle that would benefit the environment and the people in the long run

Waste Management

Proper collection and disposal of waste to protect the environment and health of the population.

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.
                     ― Mahatma Gandhi

Greenthusiast Foundation strives for the improvement of the environment. Our aim is to educate citizens regarding the detrimental effects our day to day activities have on the environment and provide for ways to reduce the harmful practices.


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